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Eau Claire County: Savings by the Bundle There’s no formal policy at Eau Claire County about building energy efficiency and sustainability measures into the county buildings, but it’s something they’re very interested in for a variety of reasons. “You need to set an example for the community,” says Matt Theisen, Eau Claire County facilities director. “You can’t ask people to do what you’re not doing.” Theisen says energy costs are his single biggest expense after personnel costs, making energy efficiency…

Water Use and Conservation Initiatives in Fitchburg, Wisconsin.
In April Fitchburg participated in the Wyland Foundation Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, ranking 13th amongst communities of similar size. This Challenge encouraged residents to conserve water throughout the year by pledging online. The April kick-off event included information on existing groundwater supplies in Dane County, how to fix your toilet, and outdoor water wise landscaping.

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