The City of Fitchburg is committed to renewable energy – having installed solar panels on the roofs of their buildings starting in 2009. Fitchburg has added almost 1,000 panels (362 kW) to the West Fire Station, City Hall, Public Works Maintenance Facility and the Fitchburg Public Library, accounting for the addition of about 452,000 kWh of renewable electricity. The 362 kW of solar electric will replace about 10% of the City’s total electricity usage, helping the City meet its pledges to generate 25% of its energy with renewable sources by 2025 and to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The City of Fitchburg is working toward its goal, by 2025, to generate 25% of their power from renewables. This latest project helps them gain 10% toward that goal.

The project, totaling $580,000, has an estimated payback time of about 9 years. “In addition to environmental and public health benefits of renewable energy, the project will also significantly lower the City’s electricity costs over the 40-year lifespan of the panels. Projected cost savings will be $54,000 in year one alone, and by year 40 will top $3 million.”

“Fitchburg is committed to clean, renewable sources of energy for the long term, and we will continue to expand our renewable energy capacity as opportunities arise. There’s a strong business case to continue investing in renewables, and it’s a win-win as the stewards of our environment and of our taxpayer dollars. This solar initiative also establishes Fitchburg as a leader among cities in Dane County working hard to combat climate change,” says Mayor Jason Gonzalez.

Read more about the solar project on the Fitchburg website and on the Legacy Solar Co-op website.

West Fire Station

West Fire Station