Regardless of rising energy costs or the validity of human impact on global temperature changes, local governments owe it to their taxpayers and local communities to build and maintain facilities with a focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental quality that reduces operational costs that are paid by taxpayers.  As stewards of the City of Appleton’s facilities and real property, the Parks, Recreation and Facilities Management Department is committed to managing our facilities with this focus.

Historic buildings on the Fox River

The City of Appleton maintains over 1.3 million square feet of facilities, 1.1 million square feet of parking structures, and 700 acres of grounds.  In 2018, the 15 largest city facilities accounted for 19.3 million kWh which is down from 25.2 million kWh in 2005 and 715,391 therms which is down from 980,723 therms during 2005.  2005 was the baseline year and the formation of the newly created Facilties Management Department.  Many of the initiative’s included:

  • Lighting upgrades, retrocommissiong, installation of a networked computerized energy management/control system and aggressive preventive maintenance program.
  • Employed a multi-year program to install motion sensors on lighting systems resulting in lights coming on only when needed, and turning off when not needed.
  • Integrated city automatic urinal flush valves with restroom lighting to ensure flushing only occurred when rooms are occupied, versus 24/7/365 operation.
  • Performed air infiltration testing and improvements at a fire station which reduced the cubic feet per minute airflow by 35%.  Air infiltration is air that can enter or leave a structure through unplanned penetrations in the exterior or roof of the structure.
  • Track utilities expenses monthly and monitors trends.  Train building occupants to create awareness and education for the responsible usage of energy.
  • Developed a 5-year replacement plan for HVAC equipment replacements and upgrades of aging equipment.  Equipment is replaced with energy efficiency and life-cycle cost justifications during purchase.
  • Installed methane boilers at our Wastewater Plant to avoid the purchase of utility gas and to eliminate methane from entering the environment.

The City also understands that sustainability is much more than just energy conservation.  As a City we are proud to have accomplished the following:

  • First community in Wisconsin to pass a Health in All Policies Ordinance.
  • Silver Level for Bicycle Friendly Community
  • Recognized by WDNR with a bio-solids composting permit at the Wastewater Plant.  This is the only facility in the state that operates a bio-solids composting facility.
  • Implemented fifth year of the Urban In-fill Tree Planting Program.
  • Tree City USA Award for 27th consecutive year.
  • Substantial riverfront development

Written by City of Appleton representatives.

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