Eau Claire County, created in 1856 from Chippewa County, is named for the city of Eau Claire, which is French for “clear water”.  Located in northwest Wisconsin, the county seat is Eau Claire.  More than 98,000 residents call Eau Claire County home where rich cultural heritage exists and beautiful lakes and rivers are enjoyed.

Eau Claire County consists of 655 square miles and 419,200 acres.  Quality of life and abundant recreational opportunities are just a few of the reasons why Eau Claire County is such a great place to live, work and play.

Experience the natural beauty of Wisconsin in Eau Claire County where residents and visitors can camp, canoe, bike and more. The area has trail systems for snowmobiling, cross country skiing and four wheeling as well as traditional and frisbee golf courses.

Come see for yourself why Eau Claire County is a great place to call home.

Land Use

  • 52,811 acre county forest, consisting of dominant timber types of Oak, Pine, and Aspen.
  • Gated hunter walking/ game trails are mowed and maintained to enhance grass and clover openings to benefit both game and non-game species.
  • County forest land is home to a federally endangered species, the Karner Blue Butterfly, which the county has an active habitat conservation plan in place for managing.
  • Annual participation in county conservation aids projects that are used to improve the fish and wildlife resources of the county.
  • Holds dual certification with both the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification groups, ensuring responsible management of the county forest.
  • State natural areas (combined 1311 acres) managed in partnership with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources including Coon Fork and South Fork Barrens, Pea Creek Sedge Meadow, North Fork Eau Claire River, and Canoe Landing Prairie Areas.
  • Wilson, Horse Creek, and Hathaway Creek wilderness areas totaling 490 acres were created to protect areas of white pine from harvesting activity.
  • Established Eau Claire River Corridor boundary which restricts clear cutting of timber from a zone extending for three hundred feet of the ordinary high water mark on either side of the Eau Claire River.
  • Multiple ruffed grouse and woodcock management areas that have been developed and enhanced to promote and create habitat for upland birds.
  • EC county forest is also listed as a favorite bird haunt in Bird Haunts of Wisconsin
  • Regular hand planting of pine trees on the county forest to successfully regenerate pine stands.
  • Home of 7 county parks and one county recreation area.  An assortment of outdoor recreational activities are offered on county park land including : mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing, horseback riding, disc golf, bird watching, snowshoe trails, snowmobile and atv trails, wildlife observation, and berry picking.

Energy and Sustainability Efforts

  • Wisconsin Energy Independent Community pilot member, and the Governor’s 25 X 25 initiative
  • Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce recognized Eau Claire County as an Eau Claire Area Green Business starting in 2011
  • Eau Claire County tracks utility expenses monthly using EPA Portfolio Manager and monitors trends
  • The new Eau Claire County Jail was completed in 2012 and was designed and built LEED Certifiable
  • Almost half of the Eau Claire County Courthouse was remodeled in 2013 and was designed and built using new energy efficient equipment
  • Comply with a preventative maintenance program and equipment “tune-ups” to optimize the performance and efficiency of HVAC equipment
  • Our building automation system has been expanded from the core buildings to include a number of outlying facilities. The ability to schedule HVAC equipment and lighting has increased efficiency.
  • Work with Focus on Energy to maximize investment dollars on energy reduction projects
  • All HVAC equipment is replaced with more efficient models during capital budget replacements
  • Numerous energy reduction projects installing VFD’s on pumps and air handlers
  • Installation of linkage less controls on the Courthouse boilers
  • Replacement of the Ag Center boilers with high efficiency models
  • Replacement of over 8000 32W T8 bulbs with 25W T8 bulbs in the Courthouse and Ag Center buildings
  • Installed LED lighting/occupancy sensors at the Augusta Highway shop to replace the high bay T12 fixtures
  • Retrofit of 67 exterior overhang downlights from mercury vapor to LED
  • Retrofit Courthouse Lot A HPS parking lot fixtures to LED
  • Eau Claire County is participating in solar garden programs from Eau Claire Energy Coop and XCEL energy. In total Eau Claire County purchases approximately 50 kW of output, or enough to satisfy all electrical needs of the Ag Center building.

Written by Matt Theisen, Eau Claire County Facilities Director

For more information on Eau Claire County please visit their website.