New Richmond has adopted the resolution to become a Green Tier Legacy Community!

From the Annual Report: “New Richmond aspires to be a safe, welcoming, and prosperous community poised for continued and balanced growth in the 21st century. As a multi-generational, diverse community, New Richmond will offer well-connected educational, shopping, business, housing, park, trail, and recreational opportunities that are accessible to all. We will maintain our strong community image and sense of place by celebrating our connection to the Willow River and its watershed, striving to protect our natural resources, and preserving and enhancing the downtown’s historic roots as the civic, commercial, and cultural heart of the community. We will cultivate an attitude of stewardship and partnership within the community and provide high quality, cost effective services to all residents. Entrepreneurship and business innovation will thrive in New Richmond and we will strive to become a regional technology leader.”

For more information about New Richmond, visit the website.