Water Use and Conservation Initiatives in Fitchburg, Wisconsin

In April Fitchburg participated in the Wyland Foundation Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, ranking 13th amongst communities of similar size. This Challenge encouraged residents to conserve water throughout the year by pledging online. The April kick-off event included information on existing groundwater supplies in Dane County, how to fix your toilet, and outdoor water wise landscaping.

The City of Fitchburg Water Utility has also begun installation of an Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system for water meter reading and residential cross connection surveys. As part of the installation of the AMI system, the City will be upgrading all water meters to a newer wireless technology that provides hourly water consumption data. With this upgrade, the City will no longer need to drive by each property to collect meter reads; they will be able to better track water consumption, provide timely and accurate responses to billing questions, and will be able to provide faster customer leak identification.

In 2011, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) created the Rock River Basin Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) standard. Several water ways within the Rock River Basin are listed on the state’s 303(d) list, including the Yahara River and Nine Springs Creek. With financial support from the Wisconsin Urban Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Abatement & Stormwater Management Grant Program, the City of Fitchburg has conducted stormwater planning activities to ensure the Nine Springs Creek Watershed meets standards set forth by the Rock River TMDL while also protecting public/private safety.

By Kristofer Canto
Sustainability Specialist